Turquoise Ocean Giveaway – You Have to SEA it to Believe It!


When you see a title like that, you better believe you want to open the message and get the deets. 🌊 If you’re a salt-air loving, wave riding, sun-worshipping mermaid like myself – this little gem is gonna take your breath away!

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Summahtime & Swim Week

Summer, fun and bikinis – OH MY!   It has been a while since I have posted here on le blog.  I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard keeping up with Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, Pinterest and the many other social avenues that relate to Bikini Slayer Continue reading

Spring Has Spring in Mia Marcelle Swimwear

While April showers might bring May flowers – I’m happy that with Spring comes bikinis.  I’m a die hard beachbum with a slight (ok, slight might be an understatement) obsession for bikinis.  This little bundle of fabric brings me much joy – exudes nothing but happiness surrounded with sea, salt and sand!   No two bikinis are alike – and I’m always on the hunt for some new gear, which brings me to the reason for this post.  Welcome Mia Marcelle Swimwear.

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The Truth About Hot Yoga

I like to consider myself a workout aficionado….I love working on my fitness (Fergie knew what she was talking about 😉)!  Like most people, I get easily bored with the same routines and like to change it up every once in a while. But there is one thing that I always go back to, and that’s Hot Yoga!   I still go to early morning spin class during the week, lift weights and workout with a trainer – but nothing kicks my butt like a 90 minute hot power yoga class.

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New Year, New You…in PilyQ

The headline you see quite frequently during the first couple months of a new year….strategies on how to become healthier by setting goals and keeping them.  Some think resolutions are a terrible way of setting yourself up for disaster – creating unattainable goals that are extremely difficult to maintain.  I, on the other hand, prefer to view the cup half full.   I take the turn of the new year as an opportunity to make a promise to take charge of my health in the coming year.  Read on for my tips on diet, fitness and nutrition to transform your well being and target specific goals…those that as you see progress, keep you wanting more!  Set out with determination – and you’re sure to succeed!  And see how Yoga can free the soul – and look good while doing so ~ special thanks to PilyQ Swimwear & Magic Carpet Yoga Mats!  Bonus – Win this look, read on for details!


Win This Look – See Details Below!



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Jungle Slayer – Our First Collab with Greenlee Swim


I am super excited about this!

This is my first bikini collaboration with one of my FAVORITE swim brands, Greenlee Swim.  I have loved and worn this brand for years – it  was my go-to kini, I personally have every color combo available.    Have you ever loved something so much that you are sure to buy 3 of it??!!!  Overkill, no – I call it being thorough!  Ha!

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New Year, New You…it’s Trending


A new year comes with resolutions and wishes on how to achieve and maintain that list of goals for the year ahead.  And sometimes, we put too much pressure to try to reach the unattainable.  While I always believe it’s a fantastic idea to create a list of goals (I’m a huge fan of having this written down, because I like the gratification of checking it off), I feel that the list should be goals and inspirations that should be followed year round!  Staying fit, healthy, happy and surrounded by friends & family that love you!

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Annoucning the January ‘Slayer of the Month’ Bikini Giveaway

Let me start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! It is going to be a wonderful, bikini-filled 2016 ~ and I am excited to share all the happenings with you! The Slayer of the Month contest has been going strong for over two years now, and I am happy to keep the tradition flowing. As you all know, I am a bikiniholic and I have to say, my obsession only strengthens over time. You’re probably wondering, how’s that possible….but it is, indeed, it is! There is something so fulfilling about the joy that a bikini brings – vacations, beaches and pool festivities; so in my mind, it represents a good time. And a special part of that is finding new bikinis, those brands that are up and coming and amazing as hell! Which brings me to January feature, I am extremely happy to introduce Kaileigh Swimwear!


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