The Savage Little Secret in my Beach Bag

I’ve always been a Hawaiian Tropic or Australian Gold type of girl when it comes to tanning and bronzing lotion. That is until I stumbled into a small beach store to purchase my usual, and was approached by a sales associate to see if I needed any assistance. When I picked up my go-to bottle, the gentleman said “Have you ever tried this?” and handed me a bottle of what I now consider liquid gold.

Of course, I said no and he began to tell me that I haven’t experienced the darkest natural sun tan possible while also hydrating my skin – basically that I haven’t lived. Ha! Intrigued and surprised by the bottle being packed full of nourishing oils and vitamins, I put down the aluminum spray can and eagerly purchased the Browning Formula. It’s packaged in a no-frills bottle – but packed with a punch. I saw immediate tanning results and was so pleased with the way my skin felt. I would consider my beach bag empty if I didn’t have a bottle of this stuffed in there somewhere…amongst a few bikinis (hey, I like to have a variety to choose from), sunglasses, a hat, and a coverup.


One downfall, Maui Island Secret is not nationally distributed which can make it a little hard to get. Check out their site to get the details – and tan on! Life is better in a bikini!

Find out more about and purchase your Maui Island Secret Browning Formula here

Soriya Reversible Turquoise/Coral Bikini // Ola Feroz Print Bikini

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