Standup and Shout for Paddleboarding

Talk about bikini body….put your hands in the air for Standup Paddleboarding (SUP). SUP is an ancient form of surfing, yet it is most widely enjoyed on relatively flat water. This sport is best described as “Yoga on Water”. It’s a no-impact sport which improves balance and coordination, strength and endurance, and is stress reducing, relaxing and invigorating for people of all ages.

Most cities are built on or around waterways, so most people have access to a stretch of water where they can get out for a stroll. This can be very easy and gentle gliding or full on sprinting depending on whether you are looking for a calm relaxing experience or a hard core workout. And lets not forget

fitness and yoga paddling for those who desire a bit of a challenge. Balancing on water provides a core workout from beginning to end. Your whole midsection will have to work to keep you balanced and afloat. You have to work harder and focus more on the water. Quick-twitch muscles you weren’t aware of explode in muscle groups with a simple pose. Whoever said yoga was frou frou and girly had it all wrong. It takes incredible strength and muscle control. Taking it a bit further, as you can see from my pictures above, you can get a great circuit training on the water as well. Push-ups, mountain climbers, squats, burpees, etc….the sky is the limit. Well, water in this case!

Any piece of water will do, 30 minutes three times a week will change your shape and energy levels like nothing else, and its fun…great fun – take it from me. Here’s a fun fact ladies, half the boards sold in the USA are to women and I can’t think of a better supplement to your weekly gym routine.

What are you waiting for, get out and take a stroll on the water and get a good workout while doing so!! It’s the perfect combination of workout and fun ~ and added bonus: you’ll have a bikini body in no time!

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