The Amazing Benefits Of Bikini Slayer’s SuperKini Juice

I have vaguely touched on the subject of juicing in a prior post and wanted to follow up with some of the amazing benefits that comes along with it. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that most of us do not get our daily recommended intake of veggies. Have you ever felt fatigued, bloated or unable to control your appetite? Not to fear….let me introduce you to juicing!

Vegetables provide your body with numerous vitamins, minerals and fiber. The healthy recommended daily suggestions say you should consume 6-8 servings per day. Lets face it, that’s pretty difficult to do if you don’t pack every meal or don’t have access to a fridge all day. Juicing is a way to guarantee to meet that target. Not to mention, you can add in other veggies that you may not normally prefer to eat. Yep, go ahead and throw a beet in there for nutrition’s sake! Another bonus, juicing helps you absorb all the nutrients from the veggies. You won’t have to worry about digestion problems, juicing eliminates the step of having to break down food, so you will receive most of the nutrition!

Ok, now for some of the personal results that I have experienced. Hold on to your hats, this gets good! Ha! Juicing helps me think more clearly. I wake up feeling sharp and well rested – even if I had less sleep. This is uber important to me because I never really was a morning person and now I’m packed full of energy and blast out of bed to hit the gym at 5am! Go me! I juice in the am, after my morning workout…and I’m telling you, all these vitamins and nutrients have helped to control my appetite. So obviously, that in turn results in weight loss, or weight maintaining if you don’t wish to lose anything. My skin started to glow, my hair and nails grew faster and my immune system is at its peak. I rarely ever get sick!

How could you not want to give it a try? After all…you have nothing to lose! Here’s my recipe for my favorite blend. Stay tuned and I will post some more fat burning recipes soon!!



Life is better in a bikini!

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