Kelly Slater ~ Why We Love The King Of Surfing

As I was pondering on my favorite bikinis, particularly MIKOH, my mind wandered to another passion of mine….surfing. And who can think of surfing without relating to the King of the sport. Kelly Slater. A household name. Even if you aren’t into surfing, you know him – who he is and what he’s famous for. Dubbed “King Kelly” – with nearly four decades of waves behind him – he was the youngest person to win the Surfing World Championship at age 20

and broke the record books again when he also became the oldest person to win the title at 39. An astonishing 11-time World Champion, Slater began his lifelong journey in Cocoa Beach, Florida, right next to my hometown of New Smyrna Beach. Despite being one of the oldest competitors on the international circuit, Slater has lost none of the grace, skill and fearlessness that made him the most successful surfer in the history of the sport. A true hero and not just because of his accomplishments – but because he’s in it for the love of the game.

As if we needed another reason to love him, King Kelly has been linked to girlfriend of five years, Kalani Miller. For those of you that don’t know, Kalani and her sister Oleema founded and created the ever popular bikini brand MIKOH Swimwear. A collection that reflected their love of travel, perfect-fitting bikinis and unique statement pieces…which has become one of my most favorite brands. The name “MIKOH” Swimwear came from combining their last name, the first initials of the girls’ first names and the first initial of their younger sister, Hana. The line has become known for their luxurious designer swimwear fabrics, seamless construction and hardware-free designs.

Above all, I can’t picture a more perfect couple centered around what I love the most ~ the beach!


Life is better in a bikini!

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3 thoughts on “Kelly Slater ~ Why We Love The King Of Surfing”

  • This is one of my favorite of your blogs. Kelly Slater and Sinjin Smith are my beach legends so my eyes lit up to see this. What a gorgeous couple they are!!!

    • Thanks for the comment Tajuana, means so much to have feedback! They are legends for sure! Glad we share the same passion!! xoxo

      • I love Kelly Slatter! As a retired surfer that I am, I use to have him posted all over my walls.
        To watch him surf was hypnotic. That man is fearless! Not to mention BEAUTIFUL!

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