Donavon Frankenreiter – He Is The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

I had the pleasure of witnessing first hand – the musical perfection of long time surfing enthusiast Donavon Frankenreiter. What a special treat…Donavon strolled onto the stage nonchalantly, sporting his iconic mustache and letting his mellow Jack Johnson-ish tunes roll out onto an equally mellow crowd. There were no theatrics or flashy gimmicks (unless you count the aforementioned mustache), just red/pink/purple lights on the stage that faded in and out. An intimate feeling, almost like the type of show you would have loved to have in your garage while sitting on beanbags tossing back some Pabst.

It’s this music, Donavon’s music, that radiates happiness. The sound of it – it brings me back to that happy, carefree and relaxed state of mind as if you were chilling in a hammock on the most beautiful of beaches. It’s magical how it can immediately make everything better, erasing all stress and making you feel genuine and complete. The performance closed as Frankenreiter delivered “It Don’t Matter”, a gentle tune with an infectious singalong chorus otherwise known as the entire crowd. I must say, I’ve been a long time fan and always will be. Kudos to Donavon for an amazing show!


Listen to “It Don’t Matter” here.




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