Need An Energy Boost – Try My Energy Boost Bikini Blast Juicing Recipe

Feeling a little slow or tired…or like counting a few more sheep before getting out of bed in the morning? I promised after my last juicing post, which includes the recipe for Bikini Slayer’s SuperKini Juice, that I would continue to deliver my favorite recipes for your juicing pleasure. Well, voila….check out my latest green juicing recipe for a nice little pick-me-up! Instead of reaching for a coffee first thing, dive into this vitamin packed juice and start your day feeling sharp and well rested!

Lets face it, I have pretty much thrown every ingredient possible, including the kitchen sink – ha, into the juicer to see what I can come up with. And to my surprise have found many variations that I love. This Energy Boost Bikini Blast Green juice is one of my faves. It tastes great and is easy to make. And as an added bonus, the chlorophyll (the green pigment in the plants) helps oxygenate the blood which creates increased brain function and physical energy. Bikini tone and brain power too? Sign me up!!!!

· 1 large cucumber
· 8 stalks celery
· 1 small green apple
· 1 handful kale
· 1 handful spinach
· 1 handful parsley
· 1/4 lemon (with rind if organic)
· 1-inch piece ginger
· A few stems of Cilantro for added spice – Yum!

Throw all into the juicer and enjoy!!

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Life is better in a bikini!!

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