Bikini Slayer’s Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But it is important to remember that maintaining a healthy way of life is the key to counter stress and relieve every day pressures. Everyone’s day is filled with some sort of chaos, whether it be work, driving to work, errands, children, housekeeping, etc. Here are some tips to help keep your stress level in check…and have fun while doing so! After all, happiness is the key to success.

• Maintain a healthy diet. Probably your first and most important step to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to eat healthy. Good foods = good moods. Ha. Seriously though, healthy food will enhance your physical and mental stamina which will help you process your daily pressures more efficiently. Poor nutrition has the adverse effect and causing additional stress and takes a toll on your body. I know that it can be difficult to sometimes get the required amount of vitamins and nutrients – so I encourage juicing. I’m addicted. See some of my favorite recipes from past posts here, here and also here. 🙂
• Exercise regularly. I am a total believer that regular exercise helps to relieve the effects of mental stress. It takes your mind of the stressors in your life and releases positive chemicals to your brain. Exercise is as important as healthy food habits. If your schedule is too hectic to allow time for a good ole’ fashion weight lifting session in the gym then I suggest taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the market and spend 10 minutes when you wake doing 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups and throw in some mountain climbers to get that heart rate moving. Even if you can’t do 100, start with what you can finish and work your way up. It takes 5 minutes!!
• Get enough sleep. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will become impossible with a lack of proper sleep. Try not to compromise your sleeping hours. Less sleep hinders your efficiency and it is important to wake up in the morning feeling fresh and ready to go.
• Relax. No matter how busy you are – try to take some time to rejuvenate your mind and recharge your batteries. As I said above, life is demanding and challenging. Chill out to de-stress.

And most importantly – do things that make you happy. Wearing a bikini every day makes me happy… Can I realistically do that? No, not every day, but just thinking about how happy it makes me when I do get to frolic around at the beach puts a smile on my face. Keeping your eye on the prize and staying positive will make you happy and fun to be around.

Life is better in a bikini!

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