Soul Groovin’ With The Dirty Heads

Last night, the Dirty Heads played at Hard Rock Live…an opportunity that I wouldn’t miss. For you beach bums who don’t know who they are (have you been hiding in the sand dunes?! ha) – The Dirty Heads are a SoCal rock/reggae/hip-hop band that hails from Huntington Beach, CA.

They have a killer sound that represents an eclectic blend of surf rock, reggae music, punk ska and rap, the perfect mix for chilling with friends on the beach and kicking back with a cold drink in hand. A perfect pairing for Sublime, who they opened for and sang a ditty with, their songs are filled with walking bass lines combined with laid back reggae and hip-hop.

The venue was at a nice capacity for a Tuesday night. Slow at first and surpirsingly filled up. Onlookers bounced around in the crowd with arms waving in the air from the infectious happiness and charisma characteristics of Jared “Dirty J” Watson and Dustin “Duddy B” Bushnell which was spread to everyone in the crowd. A huge applause came from the passionate and admiring fans between each song performed, and the band smiled back with much appreciation. An all around feel-good show and I am extremely happy that I was there!

Here is a little snippit of some video footage of the boys singing my favorite song, Cabin By The Sea!

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