I’m Thankful For…….

Wow, where do I begin? In effort to keep this post fairly short and not novel length with my long list of thanks, I’ll mention just a few reasons that I’m currently dressed in a perma-grin.

I know it sounds cliche’, but I am thankful for the bikini. I mean, after all…that is what inspired me to create my blog. It’s hard to believe that something made of such little fabric can bring such a huge smile to my face! Pure joy and happiness! I can say that it’s not just the fabric that gives me these delightful feelings, it’s the entire picture that is painted surrounding a bikini; the beach, sun, salty air, sand between my toes, waves crashing, music, friends, fun and surf boards a plenty. It’s paradise! No matter where I am, the bikini symbolizes this and takes me to that place – even if I’m wearing it while sitting on my couch and it’s pouring rain outside!

I am super stoked at how my blog has grown in the 9 months since its inception. I am thankful that it gave me that push to move forward with the dream of having a retail boutique, partnering with an amazing friend to do so – and carrying all of the items that I love. I am thankful for all of my new friends that I have met in the industry – people who enjoy and love the beach as much as I do. I am thankful for all of the friends that I have, who have supported me through this big step and are still happy and eager to watch me succeed. I am thankful for my hubs and family – who stand behind me in whatever decisions I make, personal or business – and my fuzzy cats that love me unconditionally even when I am working on the computer until 2am – including our new addition, Chloe.

And I am thankful for YOU! For following me, reading my blog, commenting and being a part of my little World. Thank you for that…it really does make my day when you comment on my instagram feed, repost my pics, tweets and retweets and all the social love! Couldn’t make this girl smile any more!

Take some time this Holiday season, and every day for that matter – and hug your friends and family! Happy Thanksgiving! xo

Life is better in a bikini!!

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