Happy New Year – Cheers To Juicing


For me, the new year doesn’t mean giving things up – it’s about fitting in more of what I love. Like workouts with the girls, outdoor activities, chill getaways, good music and daily healthy treats that are great for the mind and body. Meet my new “Feel Good Juice”!

As you know, I am a juice-aholic. I love creating new concoctions that stimulate my taste buds and give my body and skin a healthy glow. It’s a win win! This Feel Good Juice does just the trick. Check it out for yourself, and stay regular with juicing. You and your body will see a difference, I promise!!

My additional bonus ingredient in this juice is a shot of wheatgrass (I use frozen wheatgrass, it’s the secret weapon)!


Here are some facts about wheatgrass in case you didn’t know. When you drink high quality wheatgrass juice, your body may produce spectacular results such as:

  • A physical and mental sense of well-being
  • More energy and better sleep
  • Stronger immune system  (Added bonus with this crazy weather!)
  • Detoxification on a cellular level
  • Reduced inflammation in the entire body
  • Lessened appetite cravings
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Steadier nerves

Why is wheatrass so good for you, you ask?

  • 1 fl. oz. of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to 2½ pounds of the best vegetables
  • Wheatgrass is mineral rich and contains 92 minerals needed by the body
  • It is a complete protein containing 20+ amino acids and has higher protein densities than any other food source
  • The magic is in the enzymes with more than 30 found in the juice
  • The juice is 70% chlorophyll and since the chlorophyll molecule is virtually identical to hemoglobin (red blood cells that carry oxygen), wheatgrass juice will oxygenate your body

Here’s my recipe that includes some of my favorite ingredients with the added bonus of a wheat grass shot!  Juice it up, enjoy and report back on how you feel!!


Feel Good Juice
Recipe type: Juicing
  • 1 Beet
  • 1 Large Apple
  • 1 Inch Ginger
  • 1 Large Clump Parsley
  • 2 Handfuls Spinach
  • 2 Handfuls Kale
  • Frozen Wheatgrass Shot
  1. Throw all the veggies and fruits in the juicer. Juice and pour into a cup. I stir in my wheatgrass shot at the once all is juiced in the cup.
  2. Enjoy!


Pictured above:  My Feel Good Juice, Evergreen Frozen Wheatgrass Shots, Jemma Sands Necklace

Life is better in a bikini!

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