The Great Outdoors Always Include A Great View

Well, as if you couldn’t tell from my recent Instagram pictures, I had quite a nice sail aboard the lovely Schooner Ondine this past weekend. The hubs surprised me with a little anniversary adventure that he knew I would love.

He likes to be cute and surprise me, dropping hints over a period of time only to have me guess the item or activity after just a few clues. This time, however, the clues were more vague and ambiguous and I couldn’t figure it out. The big reveal came over dinner at one of my favorite French restaurants, following the opening of that little blue jewelry box that we all love. Already feeling extremely thankful and loved, hubs told me the details of our weekend excursion and I was beside myself.

I am a beach bum, bikini lover and water girl at heart. Anything outdoors close to, or on, the water is right up my alley – preferably in a bikini. So you can imagine my delight as we sailed around New Smyrna Beach and the Intracoastal Waterway – enjoying breathtaking views of Mother Nature while soaking in the sun.

I snapped a few pics to document the sun-filled day! Hope you enjoy – even caught a glimpse of a pretty rad double rainbow after a quick shower. Bonus!

Check out the Schooner Ondine next time you are in New Smyrna, take a sail and relax! Shoes: Sperry Topsider (and they are even on sale!).

Life is better in a bikini!

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