It’s What I’m Wearing

So, there I am wisping through my local grocery on my lunch break when I hear an inquisitive voice say “Excuse me…”. Naturally I spin around with a friendly hello to find a well-suited young man who says “What are you wearing? Your perfume smells amazing.”

Some could call this a pick up line, sure, but this is the exact response that I get every time I wear this dreamy Coconut Vanilla concoction from Malie Perfume. . I’m telling you, this stuff is heavenly.

Taken straight from Malie’s homepage, ponder this. “The sweet, nourishing coconut bears the tropical secret of soft, radiant skin that Pacific Islanders have used for centuries. Coconut protects and moisturizes with its lush, fragrant oils and aids in healing skin for a healthier, youthful appearance. This delicious blend of coconut and vanilla is a heavenly, full-bodied scent that fills the atmosphere with a sensual, relaxing aroma.” How can you not want to dive right in?

So I politely thanked the guy for his compliments and told him where he could find this Heaven in a bottle for his girlfriend. Another person hooked – trust me, try it and you will be too!! It’s the scent of Hawaii – the essence of paradise and I literally want to bathe in it, eat it, wear it, roll around in it – you name it, it’s that good!

Grab yours here! Also you may want to snag the ever adorable Acacia Positano Dress in Island Orchid before they’re gone!

Life is better in a bikini!

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