Greenlee Delivers Retro Sexy!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you must have seen my sneak peek of this little beauty. The perfect combination of retro meets fashion forward and classy, Greenlee Swim never disappoints.  And this stellar one piece is certainly proof of that!  I can honestly say that I never was a one piece kind of gal….but with suits like this, who can resist?  So fun and versatile, can be worn day or night – perfect for any beach bum!

I had the opportunity to sit down with Casey Greenlee, the mastermind behind this environmentally friendly and eco-conscious swim line, and ask some great questions – including her inspiration behind this adorable piece.  Check it out, was a great little Q & A sesh!

[BS]  What inspired you to start your business?   [CG]  I always had a tough time finding the perfect bikini and I had a natural feel for swimwear while in design school. Finally… I went for it!  Once I moved to LA, I really got more interested in the environment and global warming and really wanted to do something about it, what better way to be able to do something you love for a greater good… When you are lucky enough to do what you love for a living, it only makes sense to give back in anyway you can.

[BS]  How did you come up with your name…other than it being your last name?  [CG]  Greenlee Swim had actually been in the thought process for about 7 years before it actually came to be and part of that process was thinking up catchy names, many play on words linking my interests in the environment.  Longing for the perfect bikini came and went.  One lucky day of “being in the right place at the right time” I met the love of my life and married him a few years later.  And people say you can’t find anyone in L.A. I don’t buy it!  Turns out his last name was Greenlee, yup…fate. No silly, overthought play on words needed here…   

[BS] Who is your ideal client / the “Greenlee girl”?   [CG]  The Greenlee Swim Girl is young and young at heart, hip and eco-conscious. She’s the modern version of the “Classic California Girl.”

[BS]  Where do you see yourself in 5 years with your eco-friendly brand?  [CG]  If I’m lucky, still making little recycled bikini’s and taking our mission Global and who knows…  maybe some mini LRB’s for the whole family. 

[BS]  Let’s get a little more personal – We want to know Casey!  What is one place in the World you would love to travel?   [CG]  Wow, the world is such an amazing miracle, it’s hard to narrow it down to one, so I feel the need to name two – one cold and one warm.  Antarctica, because it seems like an insane adventure and I would love to see the ice caps with my own eyes.  And Australia because it’s Australia…..

[BS]  What is one thing that your customer’s would be surprised to know about you?  [CG]California is where I rest my boots but I’m a Texas Girl at heart!

[BS]  What was your inspiration behind the first Greenlee Swim One Piece that I have featured today?   [CG] I am always inspired by Classic Brigitte Bardot.  I needed to design a one piece that would bring back that iconic sex appeal with a modern edge and I really feel like we’ve done it!  



Amen to that Casey – you certainly have knocked it out of the park – not only with the creation of this one piece, but with your brand in general!   It isn’t often that you find a suit that looks perfect, feels perfect and fits like a glove – and what’s better is that it’s eco conscious.  Thanks for helping us change the world – one bikini at a time! Now go on, grab a new one piece – and give yourself a little hug for helping to make the World a better place!

One Piece // Arm Party // Beach Bum Necklace

Life is better in a bikini!!

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