What Your Skivvies Say About You

I recently read an article from one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Man Repeller, that made me chuckle about her choice of underwear. The words “granny panties” and “camel toe” in the same post certainly grabbed my attention. Here’s why.

Judging by my choice for barely there bikinis, it’s safe to say I’m not a granny panties type of gal. I’m certainly not digging on anyone that chooses to wear them, but the feel of wearing two pair of shorts instead of one – especially in a city that’s beach weather practically year round – is a no go for me.



I once had a friend tell me that no matter what she was wearing for so-called outerwear (be it a mumu, leotard, shorts and the like) she preferred to wear a matching bra and panty set. I thought to myself, do I even own a matching set – besides a bikini that could often double as my underwear? When I asked her why the matchy-matchy, she matter-of-factly replied “it makes me feel sexy and gives me the feeling that I can accomplish anything – sort of like Superwoman”. And while I’m not the person who likes to follow rules; matchy-matchy, color coordinated and brief, hipster or thong, I appreciate hearing the stories – the real truth behind the skivvies! Which brings me to the reason for this post. I’ve been introduced to a fantastic line that fits “me”. My kind of undies and I thought it was worth sharing. Why would I want to share this with you…well, because they aren’t just skivvies at all.

Made by Gypsy is a unique, classic, romantic line of lingerie that includes bottoms that can double as swimwear. They are incredibly versatile and are made of similar material to swimwear, which is a win win for this beach lovin’ gal. And what’s better, the collection features several mix and match prints and colors that all work amazingly well together. In addition to these bad-ass bottoms, Gypsy has several bralettes that flatter any of the bottoms and are made in yummy fabrics, amazing prints and luscious lace!! I have to agree with my friend at this point – wearing something sexy underneath certainly boosts your confidence and makes you feel like a million bucks! What does that say about me?? And what’s your choice?


Grab these adorable mix and match pieces here. Beach bling by Jemma Sands and adorable coverup by Gillia!!

Life is better in any bikini bottoms!

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