It’s All In The Name


You know me, I love a good arm stack.  And I prefer to mix and match, putting together things that may not go – gold, silver, leather, macramé, and the ever beautiful Tahitian pearl.  What the heck, right, being unique is super fun and is what makes us stand out from the rest.  And – UNIQUE – is exactly what I thought when I saw this ultra-glamorous collection – handcrafted island jewelry featuring Tahitian pears hand-knotted on leather, silk and nylon cord.

Enter Pearl.Love.Jewelry.  Created by two sisters, Tara and Emily, working together halfway across the world, Pearl.Love. began with the simple appreciation for the jewel of the ocean, the pearl.  The sisters’ intention is to reimagine the pearl’s mature, conservative profile by pairing it with unexpected materials to create casually versatile, wearable pieces.  The Pearl.Love. aesthetic ranges from the earthy, yet chic leather collection, to the funky, surf-inspired neon macramé collection – my personal favorite.  It’s not every day that you come across a line that is so different, yet earthy – basically encompassing everything that matters most to me.  The Earth and the ocean, combined into one simple bracelet – it’s pure perfection.  And the name is so fitting – states the obvious, very simply, Pearl.Love.Jewelry.

The headquarters are based on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii with Emily, while Tara provides support from Virginia (and visits Oahu as often as she can). The North Shore brings inspiration – being a deserted idyllic tropical paradise during the summer and in the winter, the town is flooded with the whole surf industry.  The sisters got started by accident.  After seeing pearl and leather jewelry while traveling and not liking the prices or styles…they flew to the Cayman Islands and spent long afternoons experimenting with pearls and leather cord . At the end of the trip, they had a selection of necklace and bracelet styles they loved, and thus it began!

With that, I am so stoked to tell you that I have teamed up with Tara and Emily for a macramé bracelet giveaway.  And not just any giveaway – we want you and your bestie to see why we love the collection so much.  That’s right, we are going to give you and your bestie matching bracelets just for entering.  We are giving away the single pearl black macramé bracelet featured in my photo above.  You can choose any color; black, silver, gold, dark turquoise, neon pink, navy, forest green, or plum!   Check out my Instagram for details.

The instructions are simple!

  1. Follow us both on Instagram (@pearl_love_jewelry & @BikiniSlayer)
  2. Repost this picture using #BikiniSlayerXPearlLove and tag us in the photo (@pearl_love_jewelry & @BikiniSlayer).
  3. ALSO, tag your BFF in the photo so we can send her one too!  *Accounts must be public and anyone can enter!  Good luck and happy posting!!

Featured in the photo:  Bikini by O’Neill // Pearl.Love.Jewelry Macrame Bracelets // Jemma Sands Jewelry // Pura Vida Bracelets // Kate Davis Bracelets.

Shop the collection of Pearl.Love.Jewerly here!!!


Life is better in a bikini – donned with Tahitian pearls!


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