It’s More Than Just A Message In A Bottle…


My birthday has come and passed (way back in June, heyyyyy fellow Gemini’s) and it has taken this long to meet up with one of my besties for a special girls dinner. We always do this for each other’s birthday, we just ran a little behind with our tough schedules.

Our little date consisted of sushi at one of our favorite places. After we caught up on all the happenings while sipping on Moët Iced cocktails (super yummy, by the way), my BFF handed me a bag of pressies! Yippee!   Included in the loot was a bottle of my fave champagne, Veuve, which was hand decorated by none other than my bestie herself!  Soon to the blog, I will demo creating one of these masterpieces so that you, too, can gift such a beautiful bottle to your bestie!  Ooh la la!



In addition to the glittery-goodness, I was beyond excited when I saw the second part to my gift ~ a super thoughtful, personalized keepsake bottle necklace.  All of my friends know my love for the beach, and this is certainly one of the best treasures for a gal like me!  Now I can keep a little piece of all the beaches that I visit with me at all times!!  How rad is that??!  Thanks Christin! xo


Life is better in a bikini!

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