My Best Worst Song For A Quick Mood Lift


As positive as I am, and always try to be – there are days when nothing short of a miracle can pull me out of a slump. Especially when I’m nowhere near the sand and salt air.

But miracles do exist.  And they survive in the form of horrible songs.  You know the ones; the type that you don’t want anyone within earshot to hear you jamming to for fear of being ridiculed, the ones that you play at the bar from your TouchTunes app so that nobody knows you actually played it, the kind that you scream aloud to in the shower.  Knaaaaamean!!

It has to be bad – really, really bad — in order to be so awesome that it puts you in a good mood. And I’m not ashamed to tell you mine because I’m sure you’ll tell me yours. The song that turns my frown upside down and puts a smile in my face, and that I just happen to be listening to right now, is……don’t judge me……Party In The U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus! Tell me your crazy bad but good song, I’d love to hear!!!

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Life is better in a bikini – with a musical snack to jam to!

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