What’s Your Bestie Status? One Or Many?



My mom used to tell me that you can only have one best friend. Based on her theory that if this friend is the best, no one else was would measure up. She also told me that if I cursed I would eat soap, if I crossed my eyes they would stay that way, not eating my vegetables would stunt my growth and that my security blanket (aka my bean bag gingerbread man that never left my arms) had a major gas problem. Yet, here I stand at 5’8″ with uncrossed eyes, with the same gingerbread man chilling in my nightstand who hasn’t made a peep since we left home. So naturally, I’m questioning her theories.


According to my BFF practices, it appears that no one person can be the Ultimate best friend for another.  Despite all the love and support we want to give each other, there are limitations of time, distance, extracurricular activities and work schedules that need to be considered.


For example, my childhood bestie was there when I was born. That is dedication to friendship. We did everything together.  Vacations, sleepovers, horse riding and played dress up.  But if I met her now? Not sure how seriously she would take me considering, when according to Facebook, she is a mom of two with a medical career and I’m a civil engineer turned bikini addict who takes selfies like crazy for a blog where I write of granny panties.


Then we moved. And I was losing my best friend.  I didn’t know it yet, but unfortunately long distance relationships are tough, and she couldn’t really follow me from city to city.  Then I met a new best friend.  One that knew my work and college schedule, my running list of crushes, and shared my same passion for the beach.  We skipped so many classes together to soak up the sun – we literally were inseparable!


Think of all of your best friends, from diapers until now….We are so lucky to have multiple people in this world that we can trust and share our best and worst moments with. They are our best friends.  Those that would do anything for you and support you unconditionally.  To all of mine, I love you to pieces and thank you for making memories with me to forever remember!


Featured in the photo above is me and my bestie, who is totally rad for supporting my dream and wearing a tank to show it.  Tanks soon to come to my store, stay tuned!


Life is better in a bikini – with a bestie!




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