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I am a sucker for all things tropical.  Flowers, beaches, clothing, drinks, fruits and well…lotion!  If I can’t be at the beach, I certainly want to smell pleasingly tropical and pretend that I am.   That’s why I am excited to share this amazing line of beauty products that does just that!  Key West Aloe has managed to bottle up some amazing scents (think Coconut, Mango and Key Lime to name a few) that are more than just a mere lotion.


Founded in Key West in 1971, they were the first company to use Aloe Vera as the foundation of all their products. It all started by a few locals down in Key West that used Aloe to treat sunburn and the company developed from there. In fact, they made Aloe a household name. They still make all of their products locally in Florida, and 40+ years of research has proven that Aloe Vera is the ideal foundation for perfect skin and hair formulations.


We all know that aloe is naturally age-defying, nourishing, and moisturizing.  So it’s like a party for your skin when you combine such amazing, natural fragrances with this powerful plant.  It’s like superfood for the skin!  Bonus!


Just to show you how much I love the products – I have teamed up with the gang at Key West Aloe to create a giveaway that includes some of my faves!  Check out my Instagram for details – all the products in the main image are up for grabs!


Grab Key West Aloe here!


Life is better in a bikini!


Featured in my picture:  Key West Aloe Coconut Lotion // Lolli Shorts // Acacia Sarong // Kate Davis Jewelry // Jemma Sands Jewelry // Pura Vida Bracelets // WeWood Watch 

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