The Week….In Killer Print. Really!


It’s 5am. I’m habitually awake before my 5:07am gym alarm sounds on my phone. Why 5:07am, I don’t know. 7 is my lucky number and 5am seemed too early but 5:10am too late to get to the gym, lift for 30 minutes and hit my regular daily spin class at 6am. Not to mention that my stinker of a cat, Pierre, also has a built in alarm clock of about 4:30am – in which he starts pawing at my face.


Anyhoo, today is different. I slip on a pair of my new surf leggings from Wonderland HNL, and immediately transform from groggy to giddy. I love a good, crazy fun pair of workout pants – perfect motivation for whatever may be on my agenda for the day. Especially love the ones that can be used for virtually anything – including surfing, SUP, working out, running, and my most fun use – a night out on the town! Yep, I’ve done it – and get nothing but compliments.


Which leads me to the reason for my post. Off I go to get my morning workout sesh in while wearing these badass Jaws Leggings. Are you freaking kidding me – who couldn’t have a killer (no pun intended – ha) workout wearing these babies. I had so many people ask me where I got them – yay for free advertising for my online boutique 😉 – while bouncing around the gym. And yes, my gym is surprisingly busy at 5:30am – cheers to those crazy animals! Fun pants are a conversation starter and mood booster for all – which is a plus since we haven’t had our morning cup o’ joe yet!


Needless to say – my workout was a success. So much so that I don’t want to remove these pants. And in fact, I’m still wearing them now – as I write this post. And looking forward to wearing my next pair tomorrow. Sneak peek below! Hollllllaaaaa! Can I get a helllllz yeah?! Stay tuned. I’m adding some killer fitness gear to the store for you lovely mermaids – so you too can flaunt these crazy fun prints!!




For now – check out the fun leggings we have in stock and available to ship. Oh and get these badass Jaws leggings right here – SUPER BONUS, they are only 30 bucks! 


Life is better in a bikini – and well, killer leggings too!




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