Happy Planksgiving

You read that correctly. With the holiday season in full effect, it’s easy to lose track of being healthy 100% of the time. And hey, that’s ok – rules are meant to be broken right?! And while we may have an extra helping of stuffing or a second piece of pumpkin pie – indulge and enjoy. But don’t forget to get some exercising in as well. That’s why I thought I would remind you of this pretty killer ab attacker – the plank!

Plank exercises are a popular element of isometric training, which involves contracting your muscles against stationary resistance. Isometric exercises are common for injury rehabilitation or reconditioning. Isometric exercises, such as planks, can help you get past strength-training plateaus and improve energy transference between your upper body and lower body. Plank exercises, in particular, benefit multiple elements of physical fitness and your general well-being.

This sneaky little ab exercise works like a charm and the good news is that you can do it anywhere – no gym or equipment required. So in addition to giving thanks for family and friends – don’t forget to thank yourself by keeping your body in tip-top shape! Now, go spend time with family and friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”
~Willie Nelson

Get the killer pants here!  And love this workout top, thanks Roxy for making such killer outdoor gear!

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