Everyday is Better With Water..and well..Flamingos!

If you are like me, having grown up addicted to water – swimming, sunning, surfing and splashing – then you will be over the moon about what I’m about to share!   I have found the perfect product that will fill your water-logged life with epic adventures, amazing stories, some pretty rad selfies and give back at the same time!



Introducing FUNBOY, the makers of some unbelievable pool toys that will blow your mind.  You will want one, or three, and not only for the bundle of joy that the float will bring.  FUNBOY supports the right to access clean and safe drinking water.  Each inflatable pool toy helps provide one person over 100 days of access to clean drinking water. With the help of the non-profits, this amazing company brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations by funding long-term water projects such as wells & water purification systems for communities and schools.  I am so grateful and beyond impressed at the actions that people are taking to help better our planet and give back, so a huge thanks goes out to FUNBOY for their amazing efforts in raising awareness through charitywater.org.



I had the pleasure of speaking with Raquel from FUNBOY and we had a little Q&A sesh about these fun-loving floaties!   Read on and enjoy – and don’t forget to hit up FUNBOY to get your very own float from the Get Wet Collection.  The Black Swan, Pegasus, White Swan and Flamingo are available now for Pre-Order!!


Bikini Slayer:  What inspired you to start FUNBOY, history of FUNBOY and how long has it been in the works?

Raquel:  The idea to launch FUNBOY was sparked by two brothers and their beautiful ladies during a Christmas 2014 holiday in Anguilla. Raquel and Max Barrett, the sister and brother-law duo now running FUNBOY, both worked long hours at a startup and desired to channel that energy into an adventure the family could call their own.  Inspired by their youth, nostalgia for carefree summer days and the desire to create a product that inspired people to put their phones down and enjoy the moment, FUNBOY was born. Five months later, Raquel and Max quit their jobs and brought FUNBOY to life. FUNBOY officially launches June 1, 2015 and pre-order is available now.


Bikini Slayer:  How did you choose which animals would make their debut in the first collection? 

Raquel:  There is something so elegant about a white swan. First, we first set out to create a swan that was bigger, better and sexier than anything else on the market. As our creative juices flowed, we looked to create floats that would make any setting seem magical and luxurious.


Bikini Slayer:  What is the coolest locale where a FUNBOY inflatable has been spotted?

Raquel:  So far FUNBOYs have traveled across the border to Cabo San Lucas but we’re just getting started. Follow us on Instagram to see where our adventures take us next.


Bikini Slayer:  How will you choose the pieces for your next collection?

Raquel:  We are constantly dreaming up new pieces for our collection and open to feedback from our fans.


Bikini Slayer:  Which is your personal fave and why?

Raquel:  My personal favorite is the Pegasus. Greek mythology says that the Pegasus, the winged stallion fathered by Poseidon, God of the Sea, is a symbol of highflying imagination. Between the sloping gold wings and feathered gold mane, lounging on the Pegasus feels like something dreams are made of.


There you have it…get online and check out these amazing products now!!  We can’t wait to see your FUNBOY selfies!




Life is better in a bikini – with a FUNBOY float!!

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