Bikini Slayer: [bih-kee-nee  sley-er] The True Definition


[bih-kee-nee  sley-er]  – an anthem for anyone who believes life is better in a bikini

I have received tons of emails and comments asking how Bikini Slayer was born and the history behind it.  I figured I would take some time, summarize my thoughts and put them into a post.  So voila ~ my life as Bikini Slayer unfolds…..


Let me preface first by saying that I’m a nerdy civil engineer by day (yes, it’s true!) and Bikini Slayer by night…er, well, let’s say 24 hours a day!  I wanted to create a place where people with similar interests could flock, follow, read, share and comment on my day-to-day activities.  Choosing a name is probably most important, you want something fun and that will stand out – so as I ran through many options, Bikini Slayer flowed off my tongue like perfection.  It described me to a tee!


I have a mild obsession, ok overwhelming obsession, for anything beach and bikini. I love the sun more than anything.  Bikini Slayer is about just that.  Call me an overachiever, but I’m constantly preoccupied with thoughts of finding and rocking the most amazing kinis.  They make me happy, they bring out the best in me, they make me feel like a giddy kid… me a fun fabric and I’ll show you an amazing time!  Fabulous places I’ve been, and killer places I want to go…I created my blog, Bikini Slayer, to document all that and to share with those who have the same love of the ocean!


The bikini is, after all, what inspired me to create my blog and open an online boutique to dress you in my faves.  It’s hard to believe that something made of such little fabric can bring such a huge smile to my face!   Pure joy and happiness!  I can say that it’s not just the fabric that gives me these delightful feelings, it’s the entire picture that is painted surrounding a bikini; the beach, sun, salty air, sand between my toes, waves crashing, music, friends, fun and surf boards a plenty.  It’s paradise!  No matter where I am, the bikini symbolizes this and takes me to that place – even if I’m wearing it while sitting on my couch and it’s pouring rain outside!



I am extremely stoked that because of this journey through Blog Land, I was able to leap ahead and follow through with my dream of having a retail boutique, carrying all of the items that I love.  A step into my own closet, if you will!    Do you want to be a Bikini Slayer?  Anyone can do it – I think it’s all about forgetting your insecurities, having fun, and being confident.  Everyone has imperfections, dimples, scars, whatever, but people won’t see any of that if you own that bikini.  Happiness is contagious and confidence is sexy – when you’re having a great time, others will want to join you!

Life is better in a bikini!

~Nicole Gargasz

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