My Current Mood…zzzz

Let me start this Thursday morning – first; with a long drawn out yawn amidst the lack of desire to get out of my snuggley covers, and second; with a “How do you do, it’s been a while since my last post”!


We all get caught up with our day to day activities, and trust me – you can bet I have tons of updates to share and stories to tell.   As I start this day off with a fabulous cup ‘o Joe, prepare yourself for updates on bikinis (duh), fashion (Yay-it’s Fashion Week), fitness tips, travel ides, inspirational info and the all around activities of Bikini Slayer, c’est moi!  I am back at it….watch out!!



Now go, and have yourself a fabulous day!  Stay tuned for some pretty awesome stuff to come!

Life is better in a bikini!


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