H2O’yeah! Drink up, Buttercup!

We all know that water is extremely important for your body!  Keeping hydrated during the day is essential – especially after you workout.  Not to mention, many people confuse the sensation of hunger with that of thirst.  So it is important to remember to eat healthy and stock up on the H2O!  I have summed up some benefits of why drinking water and staying hydrated is a necessity, see below.


  • It keeps you energized. Lack of water is the number one cause of daytime fatigue, not only does that stink when you are at school or work but it makes mustering up the energy for a workout THAT much harder.
  • It removes toxins. Water helps to flush our digestive system and waste material from our bodies, playing a vital role in transporting nutrients through our bloodstream.
  • It helps muscle recovery. Cells in your body that don’t maintain a balance of fluids shrink, which can result in your muscles becoming fatigued. When you muscles lack fluids it means they won’t perform as well and your workouts can suffer.


Lastly, let’s not forget that it’s one of the most wonderful skin care treatments that is easily available to everyone, has side benefits that affects not just your rosy glow but your whole body, and is utterly painless to use. It’s called water, and you drink it.  So boom, there are some Monday Fun Facts about water.  Now, go, fill up your glass – and drink up!  Cheers!


Life is better in a bikini!

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