Just be you.


In the days where social media has become a platform for never ending opinions on what it means to be female, it is important to remember that being a woman isn’t about being what others think we should be – it’s truly about having the confidence in ourselves to do what we love and find joy in it.


There are many people offering advice – and while all mean well, it can be  quite contradictory and confusing. Wear makeup, but look natural.   Work out, but look good sweaty.  Eat what you want, but don’t gain too much weight.  The truth is – I want to live life to the fullest and be happy.  It’s important to stay focused on things that actually matter.  Release yourself from all the pressures from society and don’t get distracted by it’s expectations.  With this mentality, you can live the dream inside your heart and watch as you become the woman you’ve dreamed of.


Now – go out and spend time with your friends and family this Thanksgiving. Laugh hard, eat too much, have a glass of wine and take lots of pictures!




Life is better in a bikini! ~ Nicole Gargasz




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