Annoucning the January ‘Slayer of the Month’ Bikini Giveaway

Let me start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! It is going to be a wonderful, bikini-filled 2016 ~ and I am excited to share all the happenings with you! The Slayer of the Month contest has been going strong for over two years now, and I am happy to keep the tradition flowing. As you all know, I am a bikiniholic and I have to say, my obsession only strengthens over time. You’re probably wondering, how’s that possible….but it is, indeed, it is! There is something so fulfilling about the joy that a bikini brings – vacations, beaches and pool festivities; so in my mind, it represents a good time. And a special part of that is finding new bikinis, those brands that are up and coming and amazing as hell! Which brings me to January feature, I am extremely happy to introduce Kaileigh Swimwear!



Kaileigh Swimwear debuted in the summer of 2015.  Brought to you by owner and designer, Ariana Jasuta, this new collection (of those tiny morsels of fabric that I have grown to love and ogle over) is packed full of simplistic styles with impeccable quality.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Ariana and was able to ask her a few questions, both personal and brand related, to get some background behind Kaileigh!  Read on, you will enjoy this little Q&A!



BS:  How did you start Kaileigh Swimwear?

Ariana:  The idea came to me at the end of the summer of 2013 sitting on the beach in Montauk to make my own bikini.  I was in New York City one day and went to the garment district and got fabric and thread.  I designed my first bikini (The Montauk Top and Montauk Bottom).  After that, I was so excited at what I had created, I started sketching more designs and then a business plan came to life.  It all sort of just happened!  I was sourcing fabric from Italy, having samples made in California, and seeing more of my designs come to life.

BS:  The idea was born in 2013, so when did the brand ignite?  
Ariana:  My first collection came out this past summer 2015.  The collection was sold locally from Montauk to Southampton at surf shops, boutiques, and on
BS:  What is the inspiration behind Kaileigh Swimwear? 
Ariana:  A lot of my inspiration comes from the local beach culture of my hometown, Montauk.  The brand really embodies the “ultimate” Montauk girl.
BS:  Describe your perfect Kaileigh bikini babe!
Ariana:  Well, I think every Kaileigh Babe is a perfect representation of Kaileigh Swimwear for different reasons.  Kaileigh was designed to represent every kind of bikini babe.  Whether she’s surfing, lounging poolside, on a boat, hanging at the beach – her down to earth lifestyle is chic but effortless.  
BS:  Thanks for sharing the evolution of Kaileigh with us, we are super excited and happy to be a part of the Kaileigh family!  Enough about work, haha, let’s learn a little about you.  What is your fave travel destination?
Ariana:  This is tough!!  I don’t know if I have found my favorite travel destination yet.  In the past year I have been in Nicaragua and Mexico and loved them both.  High on my list of places to go is South Africa, Barbados, and I have never been to Hawaii!
BS:  Fair enough, picking ONE spot is definitely a hard task.  Tell us what you like to do in your downtime!
Ariana:  When I have downtime its usually spent with friends and family on weekends.  Usually brunching somewhere, watching a game, and happy hours at sunset.  In the summer I get outside or go to the beach any chance I get!  I also love to cozy up with a good book and my cat Roxy.
It was fantastic to catch up with Ariana, and I am excited to bring you this amazing bikini for our first 2016 Slayer of the Month bikini giveaway!  This adorable Montauk bikini was the spark in Ariana’s eye and we are ready to give one to you!  Want to win?  Head on over to my Instagram for details on how to enter to win – winner will be announced February 1!!!
Model: Sylvia Elizabeth  Bikini: Montauk Top & Bottom
Life is better in a bikini ~ Nicole Gargasz

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